Learn To Wedding Cake Figurines Clothespin Dolls

Custom wedding cake toppers often add an element of fun to the wedding party. They are a great way of adding humor and entertain the guests. People try many different ideas for custom wedding cake toppers and if it is that one special day, adding some more fun to it is not that bad an idea. There are many online sites too where you order your very own custom toppers. However, one thing that you should take care of is the theme of the wedding, if at all any, which should match with the wedding you are choosing.

Some toppers are very romantic while some represent a general idea. There are some which represent the profession of the bride and the groom too. One of the popular theme such is the army topper which could cost around 200 dollars. The groom and the bride would be seen in uniforms, a flag and guns. Adventure loving couples go for interesting toppers such as rock climbing bride and groom, dirt biking such and camouflaged hunters. All these have a sense of mischief in them too, indicating that the couple wants to have fun rather than go seriously into the big day. You should also plan in advance as some orders need as long as a week to be prepared and delivered.

The funniest wedding are those that represent the differences between the groom and the bride. Custom toppers such as PlayStation wedding cake topper and the football groom such show that they have differences in interests but are ready to adjust to live together. Some toppers also have a message such as the mixed race toppers and eco friendly or animal friendly messages that help drive the point home to other guests. This is certainly a very thoughtful gesture from many couples who believe in the ideas that they support.

Custom wedding cake toppers certainly carry lot of ideas and are very colorful too. Couples who have common interests have those on the cake toppers like skiers’ wedding cake topper where the bride and the groom are seen skiing together or the motorcycle wedding cake topper where the groom and the bride are seen riding on the motorcycle taking a romantic ride in their wedding dress. Some of these cake also are in sync with the current events in the world e.g. the football crazy groom’s topper, which shows a bride literally dragging her groom away from the television for her wedding. Most of these such toppers cost anywhere between a 100 dollars to 300 dollars depending on the size of the wedding cake. You must also plan about other cake decorations like real and artificial flowers, ribbons, messages etc. Some traditionally used are the figurines which are an exact replica of the picture perfect couple which is placed on the cake to celebrate the wonderful occasion.

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