Mickey Mouse Figurine Cake Topper Tutorial – How To

Deciding upon a wedding cake topper can be a difficult. When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many options, so many decisions to make. A bride (and the groom) wants to make the wedding special, something that speaks to her/his individualism and personality. Wedding cake toppers are one of the items that provide an opportunity for reflecting one’s unique tastes and characteristics. There are different types of toppers ranging from the very traditional to very funny and eclectic.

Many brides choose to top the cake with fresh flowers. Sometimes only a few blooms are placed on the cake, or a floral arrangement is made by the florist after consultation with the bride and sometimes the cake designer.

You could choose a traditional design in which the cake designer makes flowers out of royal icing, gum paste, or butter cream frosting. These would be the choice for the traditional bride. Another twist on the traditional theme would be to make monogrammed initials of the bride and groom out of royal icing, and then place the monogrammed initials in the center of a bed of icing flowers.

Monograms can be made with different materials as well. A nature lover could use twigs to represent their monogram. Brides on a budget can choose from many different styles of toppers created by cake decorating companies. These designs include wedding bells, doves, hearts, ribbon and others made to fit a standard sized top tiered cake.

Another style of cake topper is the figurine. Figurine’s range in styles from very romantic and elegant to vary zany. Some figurines are made of porcelain, some from resin or plastic, and some are custom made by the cake creator from fondant or gum paste. The figures might represent a bride and groom standing at the alter, dancing or sitting in a love seat. Sometimes the characters in the toppers are meant to look like or represent actual people, sometimes they are kind of cartoonish, and sometimes they are actual cartoon characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Wedding cake toppers provide the bride and groom a chance to show off their sense of humor or wild side. Who says the wedding couple figurine must show the couple standing next to each other, or wearing a dress and a tuxedo? Some figurines have couples in beach wear, or carrying golf clubs, or sitting in a car. The sky is the limit here, and the only thing that the future bride and groom need to remember is that there are no rules when it comes time to choose this very important aspect of the wedding.

One caveat is that the engaged couple must talk to their wedding cake designer, the florist and possibly even the carpenter(!) to coordinate the overall design of the wedding cake topper [adviceabouteverything.com/a-brides-guide-to-wedding-cake-toppers] and the cake. The end result will be not just a delicious cake, but a work of art that will be remembered by all.

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