Moscow Shoppers Enjoy Antiques at Tishinskaya Square Flea Market

Tishinskaya Square in Moscow is opened several times a year to hold a flea market, designed to appeal to antiques enthusiasts. Private collectors display their wares from days gone by. Our Moscow correspondent brings us the story. Although referred to as a flea market, the shopping area at Tishinskaya Square in Moscow is more like an antique trade fair, or even a unique art project. Knowledgeable collectors sell age-old things to discerning Moscow customers. [Ernest Haim, Antique Collector]: “In principle, the price is not important to me – up to ten thousand rubles, you can find a good enough interesting old thing.” Ernest is a connoisseur of things from the past. He has already managed to get silver sugar tongs and a few pieces of jewelry. Now he has decided to buy an antique clock as a gift. [Ernest Haim, Antique Collector]: “Old jewelers seemed to be more talented, with a deeper understanding of art. Therefore, they were more accomplished.” Vintage jewelry, sunglasses and hats are just some of the accessories from the nineteenth and twentieth century. Items from the United States are especially popular. Here’s a perfume – the dream of all the Soviet women – Chanel No. 5. It costs three and a half thousand rubles here – much cheaper than modern perfumes. But it was also produced in the eighties. [Irina Bokova, Private Collector]: “Old flavors are yet another story. They are deeper. They are based on natural oils without any chemical additives. It was not a huge

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