40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Rubies Are Perfect

Being married is a huge commitment and one that constantly needs work. It’s a major accomplishment to be married 20 or 30 years, but for those who are together 40, you need to pick the right 40th wedding anniversary gifts to celebrate.

Staying married for four decades is befitting of a major reward: that’s why the symbol for this year of matrimony is the ruby. Since this is a precious gem thought to possess an internal flame, it is perfect for a union that has lasted for so many years.

When picking out the appropriate present the first idea that you can go with is jewelry. This is something that will work well for either the man or the woman. For the woman, there are entire lines of pieces that are accented with rubies or carry them as the central stone in the piece. Either way, there are a gorgeous stone that are a beautiful addition to any collection.



Women will enjoy virtually any item that contain rubies, from necklaces to earrings to bracelets and especially rings. You can even find watches that carry ruby accents. Brooches are another popular option and can go with any formal dress or outfit. Rings are the most popular choice since they can even be worn with everyday attire.

Even men can take advantage of ruby jewelry. Men wear rings with stones all the time and if not, they can venture off into other pieces such as tie tacks. You just have to remember if the individual is into wearing precious stones before making the purchase.

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For those who might not enjoy wearing these stones there are other options available. Perhaps they would like a nice ruby colored glass vase to adorn their home. If the woman is into decorative plates or glassware there are many things that would be perfect for them.

For the wine connoisseur there are bottles of vintage ruby red wine available for their enjoyment. This would be a perfect addition to a collection or just to enjoy for that special occasion.

If you are looking for 40th wedding anniversary gifts, but want to stray away from the ruby theme then you can also plan a lavish party in honor of the couple. Creating a video of old snapshots from their time together would make a great presentation at the event. Other ideas should include something that they have always been interested in, but never got around to doing. A cruise could be one idea, or perhaps a trip to their favorite foreign land.

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