Round Oriental Rugs and good Tips for A Great Deal.

Many people prefer the look of round oriental rugs, or they simply have a small space that a round rug will look great in. Whatever your reasons for getting this size of rug, it’s important that you know a little bit about these types of rugs so you don’t end up overpaying or getting an inferior product.

Some history on oriental rugs: oriental rugs can come from many countries such as Afghanistan, India, Turkey, Russia and Iran which used to be called Persia. The older the rug the more valuable it will usually be. Anything that is over 50 years old is considered an antique and will cost the most, at least assuming it’s in good condition.


Oriental rugs come in many shapes and sizes besides just round oriental rugs. Anything over 35 square feet is actually considered a carpet and not a rug. Oriental rugs can be made of silk, wool or a combination of both.

You can tell a real oriental rug from a fake by using several methods. For one thing, if the rug is real you will be able to clearly see the pattern on the back of the rug, almost as clearly as on the front of the rug.

A real oriental rug can be folded up. You can literally fold the rug in half than half again which will make transporting it a little easier, though it will still be heavy and cumbersome.

The non authentic, machine made rug, cannot be folded it can only be rolled up. This has to do with the way the knotting is done on a hand made rug as opposed to a machine made rug. Also, with a machine made rug the fringe isn’t an extension of the rug itself but is attached by a strip that is sewn to the main part of the rug. With an authentic oriental rug the fringe is just a continuation of the main part of the rug.

A simple technique to establish the age of the rug is to take a magnifying glass and look at the fibers of the rug. If the rug is older the colors at the bottom of the knots should be darker than at the top of the knots since the top part of the rug has been exposed to light and has faded more than the more protected bottom part of the knots.

If the knots are not faded in a uniform consistent manner that is a sign that someone has tried to make the rug appear older than it is by artificially fading the fibers.

Even if the rug you want to buy is handmade and it is older, there are still ways to determine the quality of the rug. One of the best ways is to look at the number of knots per square inch. The denser the knots the higher the quality.

Whether you want to buy round oriental rugs or large oriental carpets, gaining a little knowledge can help you get a great deal instead of getting taken for a ride.