I Love Floating Candle Bowls and I made my own floating candle bowls.

I have always loved candles of all shapes and sizes. There is just something so primal about the flickering firelight. It is elemental, powerful, and pristine. It doesn’t get out of control like a real fire, but it still has that same energy, burning by consuming its wick. It dances around and flits with the air currents in the room. Of course, with candles, presentation is everything. Having candles in a plain candle holder is okay. Having them in a wall sconce is even better. The best way to display them in my opinion, however, is in floating candle bowls.

The first time I discovered bowls for floating candles was purely by accident. You see, I was having a party. It was a Halloween in event, and I wanted something a little bit unconventional. I knew I wanted to involve candles, but just having them sitting around the room in holders was boring. That is why I made a floating candle bowl. It was actually pretty simple. I just took a punch bowl, filled it with water, and set the tea lights afloat. It was the easiest thing in the world. Nonetheless, a lot of people commented on the effect. I think there’s something about having a fire floating right above the water that really captures the imagination. It was a successful Halloween party, and it got me interested in Floating candle bowls as décor.

For a while, I made my own floating candle bowls. You don’t really need anything special. Any glass bowl that you like will do. You can even use a metal one if you want. As a matter of fact, salad bowls make great floating candles bowls. If you set it up just right, the light from the candles reflects off the bottom. It can create some pretty eerie and haunting effects.

Nonetheless, when I started buying floating candle bowls in the store, I found better ones than ever. They were really designed to have just the right look. They had a very shallow, gently inclining pool of water designed to give a very delicate, light effect. I bought three identical floating candle bowls for a party that I was holding, and put them in different sides of the room. They looked absolutely beautiful, and my décor suddenly had a less haphazard, thrown together look to it. All in all, I liked it even better than my homemade ones. It was a very memorable evening, and even my wall sconces didn’t impress in comparison to my floating candles.