Comic Books Price Guide- The Real Value Of Information

Typically, when you want to purchase a comic book, you will buy them at your local comic book dealer often paying cash and walking out of the store. If you are only trying to keep up with the latest installment of adventure regarding your super hero, then this is an ideal scenario for you.

However, there are those that look at comic books as a way to invest their money. Your more recent copy of “Mister/Miss Anonymous’ Adventures” could become valued at one hundred dollars or even more eventually. On the other hand maybe you have a collection of Superman comics that your grandfather left you that pre-date to World War 2. Imagine how much money that collection could fetch! This is one scenario where it would be easy to see the real value of comics in this modern age.


To gauge the true value of your comics, you will need a comic books price guide. What is a comic books price guide? A comic book price guide is a book that will list the various prices of comics that have aged throughout the years. It is interesting to see that some titles are simply forgotten and become totally worthless. On the other hand, some will absolutely be worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars at auction.

There are two types of guides: a digital guide and a print guide. A printed guide is your standard print book that can be held in your hand and will feature a list of the values of today’s comic book standards.

Two of the more popular print comic book price guides include: “The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide” and the “Standard catalog of Comic Books.” A digital guide is either a software database or a website that provides an update on price listings. The digital price guide is much easier to read than the standard print form.

In order to have an accurate idea of the value of your comic collection, you should use both print and digital versions of the pricing guides. It may seem to make more sense to only read the updated digital versions versus the printed versions. However, it is best to use many different sources when trying to put a value on your comic book collection.

If you are following the trend of one particular comic book, this is especially true. Demand can slowly fall so you must realize that prices do not always rise. It is best to keep track of prices as years go by and the printed versions of the guides were here before the internet was even born.

When you can look back and compare the prices, it will be easier to determine what is the best time to buy or sell a collection. Comic books price guides allow you to check the value of your comic book collection. By using both a print and digital version, you will gain a more accurate estimate of the value of your collection.