Silk Oriental Rugs and Keeping It Real

Silk oriental rugs are a wonderful handmade treasure that you can buy to beautify your home and become a family heirloom. These rugs have been made for thousands of years in virtually the same way as they are made today. These artisans have passed down their skills from one generation to the next.

Silk oriental rugs are made of, you guessed it, silk. But sometimes it is also mixed with wool. Silk has long been treasured for its combination of strength, flexibility and a glorious sheen.

There are many factors that will determine how much your new rug will cost: size of the rug, the age of the rug, and whether or not it is a ‘real ‘ oriental rug or a machine made imitation. If you don’t have an expert you can call to ask advice from, here are a few tips that might make things a little more clear.


To tell if the rug is very old you can take a magnifying glass and carefully look a hand tied knots. If the color of the knots is darker near the bottom, which is the area further away from the sunlight, that would indicate the rug is older. If the knots are not faded in a uniform way it could indicate that someone has tried to make the rug appear older by artificially fading the fabric.

A rug that is over fifty years old is an antique and if it is in good shape it will be worth a lot of money. A ten to fifty year old rug is semi antique and will still be very valuable and anything that is less than ten years old is considered new and may be your best deal.

To find out if the rug is hand made or a machine made rug there are some things you can look for. For one thing, turn the rug over and look at the back. If you can clearly see the pattern on the back that is a sign that the rug is hand made and not machine made.

Another thing to look for is the way the fringe is attached to the rug. If the fringe is sewn on to the main rug rather than an extension of the main rug, than it is a sign that the rug is machine made and not nearly as valuable.

Another unusual aspect of a hand made rug is the fact that a hand made rug can be folded up. It may seem odd to think of a rug as being able to be folded up like a sheet. If it can’t be folded it means that the rug is machine made and not nearly as valuable.

Finding out a little about what makes good silk oriental rugs is the best way to make sure that you don’t overspend on your new purchase. If you can’t get an expert to go along with you than at least you will have some ‘inside’ knowledge to help you out.