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The world of comic book collecting is not what it once was. Long gone are the days when your neighbor discovered his old cache of X Men comic books hidden in the attic and made thousands of dollars selling these rare treasures. Not that such things used to happen very often anyway.


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Nowadays, with the internet and eBay and a rabid speculators involved, it’s not worth collecting comics as some sort of investment or money-making scheme. The X Men Comic Books listed in the price guides never sell for the prices listed, not when buyers can shop around online.

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Truly, the only reason to buy comic books at all is for the love of the comic books. If you are interested in X Men comic books, then buy X Men comics. Don’t buy them based on some future hope of resale and profit. Buy them because you want to read them and you love them.

I started buying X Men comic books in the early 1990’s, right when the New X Men series debuted. I snatched up as many copies of X Men #1 as I could, knowing as all the speculators out there did, that first issues always go up in value. Well, don’t they? Of course they don’t. Today I could scarcely resell a copy of X Men #1 for its original face value, let alone for a profit. That’s because comic book prices are a matter of supply and demand. First issues are valuable only when they are rare. When the supply is bigger than the demand, as the case is for some of my X Men comic books, and then the value stays low.


But this isn’t a problem for me. Why not? Because for the most part, I never bought my comic books as an investment. I bought them as a hobby. I’ve read every issue of X Men and Uncanny X Men I ever bought, and I’ve enjoyed them thoroughly. From the Dark Phoenix storyline, through the Secret Wars and all the other great crossover sagas, to today, I still love X Men comic books for the characters, the stories and the art. As long as Jean Grey and Wolverine and Gambit and Rogue are having adventures, I will want to read about it.


The future of comics will be something entirely new. Fairly soon, paper comic books probably will become a thing of the past, as electronic media take over. We will be downloading our X Men comics onto mobile reading devices. The physical artifact of the comic book won’t exist anymore. Maybe then my old X Men comic books will be worth something. But I’m not worried about that right now. Right now, I’m going to re-read some of my favorite X Men issues and appreciate them for the great entertainment they really are.