True Value of Comic Books – Comic Book Values

Do you recall the first time you read or bought a comic book? You probably read the comic book from cover to cover and tossed it into a drawer where it was forgotten. The value of comic books is related to if you have read it or not, correct? If it has been read a few times, then it has very little value now.

The assumption that comic books lose value after being read is not true. The value of comic books can vary depending on how long it has been kept and how well it has been preserved. A comic book is considered a novelty item that can be considered an icon of the time when they were created. In some cases a comic book could be considered memorabilia, and this type of item can increase in value over time.


Many comic books would cost more than ten times their original value of when they were first on sale. Certain comic books have a mass appeal and are popular which will bring up their value.

The Batman franchise is a perfect example: No one knew that the fictional hero of DC comic’s Detective comic’s issue, would be such a popular character in our modern society. The Batman superhero from the comics has become the theme of many of more recent Hollywood movies and has even made his appearance on television. There is no doubt that the earlier versions of the Batman series are worth hundreds of dollars and maybe even thousands.


Chirality Book 2 (Chirality; To the Promised Land)

Some factors to consider when appraising or beginning a comic book collection should be kept in mind, even though most comic books are like antiques because they get more expensive with age. Before you go charging off looking comic books in your attic and garage, you need to realize that not all comic books are worth anything.

The value of comic books will depend on numerous factors such as quality of its physical attributes. In other words if you own a comic book that is a flop and never gained popularity, then its worth is not much more than what was paid for it. If it was a successful series such as Spiderman, Superman or Batman and other familiar icons then you may want to check the date that it was published and the issue number.


Talkin’ About My G-G-Generation (A Donesbury book)

If you have an alpha edition (first print), signature publish or a limited edition the value of comic books can rise significantly. If the quality is pristine then the comic book will cost more. The lack of dog ears, creases or folds and discoloration will increase the value. Avid comic book collectors do not even read their comic books, they simply buy it and save it in a safe place to preserve the value. Since the value of comic books can increase over time, it is an interesting item to make a hobby of and to collect.

More Than Meets The Eye Comic Book Values

An investment is a means of putting money down now for a greater return in the future. Keeping this in mind, a comic book collection can become a financially long term investment. This can be seen when collectors sell one of their collections for three or four sum figures.


Real Bout High School, Book 4

With today’s standards, the average value of a comic book collection would cost as little as a few hundred dollars. After a few decades the pay off amount could be as high as ten to one hundred times their beginning value. If you are an avid comic book fan, this is definitely worth taking into consideration.

How do you get more value for the money you have spent? How can you maximize the return on your investment? What is the best way to maximize the value of your comic book collection?

Here are a few suggestions on how to accomplish those goals: Balance the niche and the main stream. Selecting titles that you can preserve for years is an important factor to maximize the value of a comic book. If a comic is overly popular, they will have a huge following and many collectors will have a stockpile of the very same comic which will cause the value of the comic to stay low because of the readiness of the title.


Pokemon Summer 2000 Collector’s Value Guide

A comic that is to niche specific or created on a small scale will not have many buyers and it will be difficult to find a buyer for a comic that nobody really wants to own. In order to receive the most return for your money, you must balance between two extremes: the comic must be niche enough so that no one is hoarding that particular title and it must be popular enough to have a reading audience.

Preserving your comics. If you think a large zip-lock bag is a great option for storing a comic book, then you are sadly mistaken. Comic book values will depend on the shape that your comic is in: any mild discoloration or a crease in any of the paper can cut the value of the comic by half of the original value.

Try to find copies that have been kept in an air-tight container and do not open them, no matter how tempting it may be. A well ventilated and controlled environment is best for your comic. Never allow them to see direct sunlight as this can fade them. To keep your copies in mint condition, a specially designed container that is used to preserve important papers is a great option.

Keep an eye on prices. In many ways, comic book values are similar to the stock market; the price will lower and rise as time passes. The optimal time to sell your collection is at the peak of their demand before anyone forgets about their existence and loses interest.

There are comic book price guides both in print and on the Internet that will allow you to keep track of the changing values of the comic books. If you have a background in stock analysis, you may be able to read trends and then sell when the value is at its peak. If you lack stock market skills, then set realistic comic book values for your specific collection and then sell when the market hits that specific price.