Action Comic Books- A Guilt Free American Pastime

Action comic books have been around for years in one shape or another. Many people find that collecting comics are a low cost means of entertainment. Reading comic books are a great way to relax and enjoy some not so trivial reading.

Many action comic book titles are available to the avid reader. Themes vary as much as the comic book reading audience. Interesting short stories with the addition of colorful illustrations is what makes action comic books entertaining. It is nearly impossible to grow up without at least reading one comic book. Due to the many different publishing companies, there are a vast amount of comic book titles in which to choose.

There is a chance that no matter where your interests lie, you will be able to find an action comic book that suits you. In American culture, the comic book truly stands out as a lasting legacy of entertainment. The comic publishing companies, Marvel and DC comics are giants in the publishing field and have been popular for decades. Both are very well known in the American household.

Escapism is a great way to lose you for a short while and comic books provide a perfect opportunity to do this. It is relatively easy to lose yourself amongst the brightly colored pages. Peek inside of an action comic book and you are sure to find adrenaline pumping, over the top story lines. Comic book fans find the colorful illustrations to be dazzling and the pages seem to leap out at the reader.

In every comic book you will find a protagonist, generally they are characterized as having super powers that are extraordinary. The super hero in an action comic book is one of the main elements that make the story line so attractive. Comic books have given their readers many famous, unforgettable characters. Everyone has heard of the following super heroes: Batman, Spiderman and Superman, all of which are very famous icons in the American culture.

Many of these super heroes can be found as general merchandise, such as toys or movies. There have even been television shows that feature them as heroes. Though comic books are found in the United States, many other countries are equally fascinated with action comic books. Other countries have created their own version of comic books and the stories that involve the various heroes. A Japanese comic book genre called Manga has recently begun to attract global attention. Manga is a Japanese comic book that is illustrated in black and white and is released as a weekly edition called Jump. Japanese Manga is a version of action comics that more closely resembles the Japanese culture and lifestyle. Action comic books often carry deeper meanings that just cartoon drawing.Some of the messages include issues regarding politics, society and making the right choices.

Many people will notice that comic books show a history of creativity and also make a wonderful historic reference as you can see changing American culture within their pages.

Action Comic Books