Can I get some suggestions please for Christmas presents for a 4 yr old boy?

Yep, more help for Christmas presents. It seems like I have answers for everyone but my own child…haha I have abundant ideas for my other three children, but I’m having problems w/ ideas for my four year old. He likes video games, but is still a little young to play them well. He has all the riding toys he could ever need…and all the racetracks too. He says he wants a gameboy, but his oldest brother is getting a DS for his bday in a few wks for his bday, so I figure I’ll give him the SP. He enjoys basketball, Ben 10, the black spiderman, cars…just about all your typical boy things. He likes organizing things, a little too much, having to have everything line up just perfectly and put in the right place. Any suggestions? We usually spend 0-150 on each of them for Christmas, and I can’t seem to fill up his list. The only thing I really know I’m getting him is a black spiderman figurine (that’s only about ).
About the video games…he just wants to play because he wants to be like his big brothers (12 and 7)…he mostly just holds it and moves the people around. He just wants to look big. And yes, he has 3 bikes, 1 big wheel, 1 pedal car, and 3 motorized cars. And we have legos too (he does love them). And the money idea is out of the question. I do save money for them, but this is Christmas. What little kid doesn’t want a pile of presents under the tree to open? He’s only 4. I just want to make sure he enjoys them so I can see his little eyes light up!



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